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Rules for a new suppliers

Please review our business terms below and confirm or cancel them.  Requests will be sent only to those suppliers who have accepted these terms of business.
  Please pay attention: we are looking for and ready to cooperate with suppliers who meet and accept our business conditions. Our business conditions are not subject to discussion below, it is fixed, we buy all spare parts only on these terms.



1. We bye only new, original and unused parts will be considered.
2. If you are authorized reseller - please send me your authorization, if you are grey reseller - please confirm NET 4 weeks.
3. Send me full photos of the proposed parts, caricatures of them and other documents. Send me the data code, packaging and label. In any case, we will open the cardboard boxes and take all the photos after the spare parts arrive to us. If the items turn out to be unsuitable, you will pay for all shipping and refund.
4. All parts 100% tested by end customer, only after successful tests of all parts, you'll receive money.
5. Pictures make by pointers, it's pointers' vision anything. Photos make by camera, it's real vision, document with real view of any object.
6 . The warranty for the product must be at least 1 year.









Request the following documents for verification:
1. Registration certificate of a Chinese company — a photo of the document itself.
2. A link to a Chinese resource, which would show that this company is really registered with the Chinese regulator.
3. 税务登记证 — certificate of tax registration
4. The name of the Chinese company and the name of the director in Chinese.
5. The layout of the contract with the contact details of the manager and the employee responsible for the transaction.
6.ISO9001 Certificate

About us


Mission of the organization:  "We create opportunities for the implementation of any ideas and projects based on the achievements of modern electronics, electronic components and technologies."

Our company is engaged in wholesale deliveries of electronic components for the enterprises.
We offer a wide range of products of foreign manufacturers from stock and to order.
One of the main conditions of our work is a quality of the delivered production.

Lightcom Ltd.

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